Johanna Adeline Hoffmann

Western "proper young lady" turned gunfighter.


Agility 10 Smarts 6 Spirit 4 Strength 6 Vigor 6
Charisma 0 Pace 6 Parry 4 Reason 0 Toughness 5

Shooting 12
Guts 6
Fighting 4
Intimidation 6
Knowledge-Supernatural Monsters
Notice 6
Persuasion 4
Repair 4
Riding 4

Vengeful (minor)
Disinherited (minor)
Wanted (major)

Quick Draw
Two Fisted

Weapons/ Armor
Riding Leathers (pants, corset, duster)

5’2 100 lbs 23 years old, blonde hair, grey eyes, fair skin


Johanna Adeline Hoffmann was born in 1869 to Otto and Hilde Hoffmann, immigrants from Hamburg Germany living in San Fransisco. Otto owned the premeir German printed newspaper in the region with his brother Heinrich, who also had a popular trickshooting act that toured with several “Wild West” type shows.

Otto was killed in 1886 after refusing to retract accusations of fraud against a local land broker. Hilde wants to forget the whole thing and tries to carry on as usual with the newspaper, but Heinrich and subsequently Johanna, want revenge.

Heinrich teaches Johanna to shoot, of which Hilde disapproves greatly. As Johanna’s shooting is improving, Hilde tells her that if she continues with “this nonsense” that she will disown her. Johanna leaves and tracks the man that she thinks killed her father to Fort Worth.

While practicing shooting in an empty field, Johanna is noticed by the men running the stockyards. She is offered a job as an “unassuming” guard for cattle.

A few weeks after starting the job, she is working one night when a wolflike beast attacks the cattle. She shoots and kills the wolf, but upon dying the wolf transforms into a man. The next morning her boss pulls her aside and tells her that if she leaves now he will not turn her in. As she hastily packs her things she is approached by a stranger. He tells her that he is impressed with her shooting and that he knows what she came up against the night before. He then hands her a train ticket to New York City, and tells her she will be travelling with a companion named Nickos Papalagos. He then disappears.

Johanna Adeline Hoffmann

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