Dr. Sal Tattaglia

An ambitious Italian immigrant who lives in the lower east side of Manhattan and works as a Medical Examiner for the NYPD.


Sal comes from a well-to-do family, but after his coming of age, he wanted to make his own fortune. His job as a Medical Examiner for the NYPD affords him a decent salary, which he uses to pay for his apartment and a decent wardrobe. He typically dresses in a pressed white shirt, a thin, black tie and pressed black pants. His shoes are utilitarian but always shined by one of the boys outside his precinct. He also wears a long, dark and heavy jacket during the colder months in New York. Because of the dangers of his job, he always carries his duty pistol and extra ammunition. He also typically carries a large, double barreled shotgun, though sometimes his duties prohibit such an aggressive display of weaponry.


Salvatore Andolini was born in the City of Palermo, Sicily in 1865. His father, Santino Andolini, was murdered by the local Mafia boss, Don Amici, because he refused to pay tribute to him. His older brother, Vito, swore revenge, but is himself murdered soon after. Eventually, Amici’s henchmen came to the Andolini home to kill Sal. They escape the house before the deed is done, and while desperate and unable to go home, Sal’s mother, Contessa, takes her son to see Don Amici to beg him to spare her son’s life. Amici refuses, reasoning that Sal would later seek revenge as an adult. Upon Amici’s refusal, Contessa grabbed a ceremonial sabre off the wall of Amici’s home and attacked Amici allowing her son to escape. Running for his life, Sal managed to smuggle himself aboard a ship to flee Sicily. The ship turns out to be an immigrant ship headed for America. Sal leaves Sicily not knowing if his mother survived her confrontation with Don Amici.

On the immigrant ship, Sal befriends Frank Tattaglia, the like-aged heir of a moderately well-to-do family. Hearing Sal’s story, and admiring his courage and resourcefulness at being able to find himself passage to America on his own, the Tattaglia family falls in love with the young boy. Upon arriving in New York City, the Tattaglias adopt Sal who then takes on the Tattaglia name. He grows up well taken care of by the Tattaglia family, who gives him a strict, Catholic upbringing. He is focused and studious and due to the benefits of his upbringing obtains a fantastic education which allows him to eventually attend St. John’s University, where he earns his Doctorate in Medicine.

Because of Sal’s past, he eventually decides he had better start taking steps to defend himself and his family, should his past ever come back to haunt him. Soon after his graduation from St. John’s, he makes a decision between the United States Army and the New York Police Department, ultimately joining the NYPD as a Medical Examiner. It is here, during the performance of his duties that he began to learn the darker side of the world he lived in. Sal’s life becomes a world seeped in blood and death. The evil committed upon the streets of New York is a truly horrible thing to behold. He quickly realizes his stomach is unnaturally adept at handling the things he sees. This, coupled with the desensitization of seeing such a large volume of blood and gore, he is eventually able to become impassionate about the murders themselves and view crime scenes in a different light. Sal begins to find patterns in the murders. His insight leads the NYPD into places they would not have ever found without his help.

This eventually catches the eye of the Rippers and his Lodge. Because of his talents, and his connection with the NYPD, Sal is able to provide the Rippers with valuable intel in their hunt for the unnatural. He isn’t surprised when he learns the truth about what was really going on in the world. His Catholic upbringing, and its vengeful images of Heaven and Hell had been familiar to him all his life. Working for the Rippers was a way for him to fight back against the legions of the underworld. Fight back against evil. Fight back against beasts like Don Amici.

Dr. Sal Tattaglia

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