Bloody Americans

Flaming Hollow
sleepy hollow

James Erskine, June 20 1892

Dear Journal,

I’ve long since held the belief that it takes all kinds to make the world go around, and that circumstances often shape people more than their history. Tonight, I’m not so sure.

It started as any other day, with the arrival of a customer and guests from New York sharing my home. Lord Albert Oldenburg, a member of Her Queen’s consulate in America, contacted me in hopes of starting his own track. We talked about horses, their care, his intentions, and it was the rather predictable scene of someone with too much money trying to do something he doesn’t understand.

His escort was less expected… a giant military man-servant of a Hindi. I suppose it wasn’t as out of place as one might think, given the meek Greek to match his size that came in with the city folks. Excluding my own family and friends, there were an extra 7 heads sharing my roof. Maybe it was a magical number?

After a century of sleep, the Headless Horseman has returned. I’ve never heard such a ruckus of gunfire and crunching bones, but thank God for my guests and my head. They not only stood to face the horror, but beat him into submission! My home has fared less well, ignited by a brimstone thrown by the Rider, but at least everyone is safe. We’ve manage to quiet the blaze, and the back 1/3 of the house will have to be rebuilt. I think we’ll be adding a stone shell to the outer walls this time, and I need some way to ensure that back door gets closed…

Opening Night

The Journal of Myer Vreeland

March 27, 1892

It has long been a passion of mine to endorse the Fine Arts, and in light of my daughter’s dampened spirits, I hosted a little soirée to lighten this dulled house. One could only imagine how the night would turn though.

The French crew brought in by The New Theatre Comique was fascinating… Gymnasts and jugglers of such skill that it was only with belated realization that I noticed my china had made it into the act. Since the party was for dear Mary, she was in charge of our guest list, and I can only presume that the bulk of our guests were in fact invited by members of the cast, but the numbers were slightly less than I’d originally anticipated.

The party itself was eclipsed, however, by the goings-on afterward. As some of the guests were leaving, they were apparently accosted by a thug lying in ambush. Thank God a member of the New York Police Department was among them. Dr. Sal Tattaglia was able to put the brigand down, and I expect to hear moer on the investigation as to why he lurked outside the estate. In thanks for protecting our home, I gave him my father’s coin. He always said it should always “shield those who shield others.” I can only hope its good fortunes follow him and protect him as he protects others.

Lodge Log, March 28, 1892

David Braham, Magistrate

A Hyde was taken down last night outside the estate of Myer Vreeland. Eyewitness accounts put a second man at the scene, held captive and in transit, wearing a grey suit, Derby hat, roughly 5’6" and 120 lbs. Two letters were found during the scene. The first was dropped by the captive, reading:

Beware the son of two fathers.

The paper is almost as common as the penmanship, lacking both distinction and taste. The scrawl is hurried, and the lines of the paper suggest having been stuffed in a careless pocket.

The second letter was found on the Hyde during collection of its personal effects. Unlike the first, it is sealed with wax, though no emblem or crest adorns it. The words are careful and deliberate, written by a practiced hand, and the letter has been well cared for. Dr. Depadeu is examining the body now as I understand, no doubt comparing notes with our policeman physician, Dr. Tattaglia who was at the scene and immediately took the body for autopsy. We should soon know whether there is truly a new Hyde bloodline on the loose, though the contents of the letter bear further investigation:

Omega arrives tomorrow.
I am assured the biosphere will be finished on time.
All is proceeding to plan.

In the meantime, perhaps our focus in recruiting should aim for more talent like Jo, who managed to fell the beast with two shots from a Derringer. I suspect darker days are yet in store, and we’ll find ourselves in dire need of combat-hardened veterans.


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